Real Estate Law Primer

To understand real estate law, we need to define what real estate means; it is defined as the land and any buildings on it. Therefore, real estate law governs who may own and use the land. Although this may sound simple, in reality, real estate law has many complexities.

  • It’s use—commercial vs residential—affect the legal requirements.
  • The land’s value as it is bought and sold will trigger state and federal laws.
  • One person may own the land, but it’s rented by others—possibly even through long term agreements.
  • Zoning laws, environmental issues, construction allowances, homeowners’ associations, boundaries, and more, all affect what’s allowed.


What we do as Real Estate Lawyers

As professionals real estate lawyers, we specialize in all aspects of the legal issues associated with real estate property. We provide legal guidance to clients when they are purchasing or selling real property. This includes what you might consider the typical, everyday transactions of buying or selling a home or commercial property. During the purchase of a property, we prepare all closing documents, complete title searches and help clients obtain title insurance policies, and handle the transfer of funds for the purchase, as well as transfer documents. We often handle closings, which include purchase agreements, mortgage and title documents. We always want to ensure the transfer is legal, binding and in the best interest of our client.

Sometimes, our work also includes dealing with disputes. When this is the case, we work tirelessly to obtain facts from both sides of the dispute with the goal to reach a resolution that works for all involved parties.


Why Retain a Real Estate Lawyer

Buying and selling a home or commercial property is often an emotionally charged transaction. Real Estate law provides protections for all involved parties, including buyers, sellers, land owners, real estate agents, and builders. You may not have all these involved in your transaction, but there are always at least two sides, and you want your interest represented by a knowledgeable professional. That’s why you’ll want a real estate lawyer to make sure all documents are accurate, and everything is filed correctly. You never want to worry that the transaction is void because of a bad title search or wrong filings.

There is no legal requirement for you to have a lawyer for any real estate transaction. But, hiring one can be very useful. Above all else, lawyers can help review the contract of sale to make sure it is fair to all parties.

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