Trying to figure out guardianship between family members can become a stressful situation and cause animosity if not resolved. That’s why hiring an experienced guardianship attorney from the Law Offices of David F. Andersen, P.A., is a step in the right direction. At the end of the day, the court will decide who will receive guardianship responsibilities.

At David F. Andersen, we provide representation in Miami and throughout South Florida for guardianship administration and litigation issues for both children and adults.

If guardianship is challenged, we can then provide the knowledge and leadership you need in order to reach a resolve. We can provide legal action at any point during the guardianship process and provide concerned family members with the right representation.

If you’re in disagreement with family members over who is best suited to provide care for a adult or child, get in contact with one of our Miami Guardianship Attorneys at The Law Offices of David F. Andersen, P.A. Call either (305) 825-4052 or (877) 456-0818 to speak with an experienced Litigation Lawyer in Florida.

You may also fill out our consultation form at

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