Has someone very close to you passed away? Are you looking to create a will? If so, contact one of our probate attorneys in Miami at the law offices of David F. Andersen, P.A. At our offices, we specialize in the disposition of an individual through probate – which is the distribution of a one’s possessions or property.

Having an experienced South Florida Probate Court Lawyer on your side can be beneficial when it comes to the drafting of wills and documents and handling other matters at the death of a testator. (Someone who has made a will.) At the death of a testator, the probate lawyer’s job is to gather all the known assets of the testator, both those in documents and those that consist of intestate property, and distribute them appropriately.

If a loved one has passed away or you’re wanting to create a will, get in contact with one of our Miami Probate Attorneys at The Law Offices of David F. Andersen, P.A. Call either (305) 825-4052 or (877) 456-0818 to speak with an experienced Probate Lawyer in Florida.

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