What is Family Law?

Whether you’re in a happy or contentious family relationship, there are many issues that require legal documents and protections. The term Family law refers to rules, regulations, and court procedures that involve the family unit. Family law covers the legal responsibilities among individuals who share a domestic connection, whether married or not.


For some family law matters, you may be able to handle things on your own without an attorney. But, for more complex ones, such as divorce and child custody cases, we strongly advise you retain an attorney who specializes in this area of law. That’s where we come in.


The Miami family law attorneys at the law offices of David F. Anderson, P.A. know that when issues threaten the well-being of your family, it’s time to retain the services of an experienced, compassionate attorney to help sort out the myriad issues that make up family law.


What Does Family Law Cover?

Family Law divides into two general areas—civil matters and criminal ones.

  • Dividing property, financial responsibilities, custodial rights, eligibility, and other obligations are civil issues.
  • Domestic violence and child abuse are criminal family law issues.


Most family law issues involve the details of terminating marriages or romantic relationships. As family law attorneys, we help our clients navigate through the process of separation, annulment (when applicable), divorce, alimony, child custody, visitation rights, support, and other related issues. A very common concern is the division of community property.

When Do You Need a Family Law Lawyer?

Unless you and your partner want a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage, you probably won’t need an attorney to get married. But, if there are children from previous relationships and one of you wants to adopt the other’s children, having an attorney help you navigate the system will definitely help.


Mostly, family law comes into play when dealing with divorce, child support, and especially child custody issues. As you can imagine, emotions often run high during many divorces. So, hiring an attorney who specializes in family law and has extensive knowledge and and skills in these matters are best suited to help you negotiate. After all, resolving difficult and emotional issues is our speciality in family law.

Family law can involve other issues as well. Some of the delicate issues we handle include:

  • paternity — with DNA testing, this has become much easier to prove or disprove.
  • termination of parental rights – sadly, we are seeing more of these cases and the State or local authorities steps in to protect the child
  • adoption – helping clients navigate the unforeseen delays, costs, and red tape
  • grandparent rights – helping grandparents gain visitationrights even if the parents object
  • domestic violence – many families suffer from neglect, abuse, or assault on the part of one or both parents, siblings and /or extended family members

What if Problems Continue?

It is not uncommon for us to intercede long after a separation or divorce. Custody and support are subject to modification. In fact, we spend a great deal of our time representing our clients deal with modification to previous orders. People’s lives change as do their needs. The court will always put “the best interests of the child” first. Although decided at the time of separation, requested modifications are common.


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