When it comes to money issues, most try to avoid them completely. But if you reside in Miami or throughout South Florida, having an estate plan is something extremely useful to have. Having an estate plan will keep the money in your immediate family and help those who care about you manage your finances in the event of your disability. Nevertheless, it will also help you save money on taxes and will help your family avoid going to court.

If you haven’t thought about having an estate plan, or you’ve thought about having one but don’t really know how to get started, call our Law Offices of David F. Andersen, P.A., to speak with one of our estate attorneys. With the hiring of one of our Miami lawyers, we will go the extra miles to not only understand your values, but also how you want to provide for your family. Once we figure that out, we can then begin crafting a customized estate plan.

We will keep your estate plan on the same level as your family and financial situation.

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