Thousands of people every year go through financial hardships and hope to take advantage of their rights beneath bankruptcy protection to in order to restart, rebuild and recover from their financial devastation. At the law offices of David F. Andersen, P.A., our job is to help those going through financial hardship regain ground beneath their feet.

Not only do we serve clients in Miami, but throughout South Florida as well. Facing financial challenges can seem overwhelming and you might even think you’re the only one going through these complications, but with the help of an experienced Florida bankruptcy attorney, we can meet those challenges head-on and assure you that you’re not alone when it comes to struggling financially.

At our law office, we:

  • Know and understand how bankruptcy works
  • Answer your bankruptcy questions
  • Develop a future plan after bankruptcy
  • Give 100% effort in helping you regain financial stability

A filing for bankruptcy is something to take very seriously. Of course, there are other options. But we can help choose the best decision for you or your family.

If you and your family are going through troubling times financially, get in contact with one of our Miami Bankruptcy Lawyers at the law offices of David F. Andersen, P.A., in South Florida.

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